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Celebrating 70 years since our first entrance

The world in 1953 in was a very different place, but many of our founder’s strategies and values remain relevant today.

The Record brand has been thriving for 70 years now, so it’s a good moment to reflect on our progress – especially after the excitement of the ASSA ABLOY merger and our integration into Business Segment Pedestrian. One thing that’s striking to me is how certain characteristics have endured throughout Record’s history. In other words, how we’ve managed to evolve while retaining the qualities that have made us successful.

For example, Record has consistently maintained a global perspective. From the beginning, Helmut Heinz Bunzl had ambitions for his company beyond the national borders of Switzerland. He set up an Austrian subsidiary in the company’s first year, then continued across Europe and into the US.

It’s an approach that has served us well, and postintegration we now have subsidiaries in over 30 countries. Looking back, you can see the wisdom of our founder’s approach. Frankly, it would have been almost impossible for the company to survive if he had decided to stick to the Swiss market. Corporate consolidation has been an inescapable trend for decades, and without the economies of scale that came from

careful international expansion, Record would not have been able to compete. The founder had the vision to look outwards to larger markets, and 70 years later, we hold on to that ambitious attitude.

When Record introduced System 20, in 2007, it confirmed our international approach. That was when we fully embraced the platform concept, and it allowed us to successfully set up manufacturing hubs throughout the world. Its enduring success owes a lot to another factor that Helmut Heinz Bunzl held dear: product quality. Mr Bunzl stayed closely involved with product development here until he was in his 80s, and his devotion to robust, innovative solutions continues to inspire us.

Of course, a lot has changed over the years. We’re bigger, and we’re part of something bigger still. When I joined Record in 2011, our annual revenue was around €200 million. By the time of merger, we were taking in about €400 million every year, and now we’re part of a €1 billion division. And this growth means that more people are involved. Fortunately, we’ve been able to maintain another Record characteristic: a committed, positive

and good-natured workforce. My fondest memories during my twelve years have been the times spent with colleagues who’ve become friends. My proudest moments have been seeing people develop, in their careers and in their lives. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Record’s first 70 years!

Markus Kast
Head of Business Segment Pedestrian

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