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The Board of Directors of the Group is composed of 4 members and covers a wide range of professional backgrounds.


Corporate Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility

agta record group social responsability

... a balanced and harmonious relationship with our employees, partners, suppliers and public entities is a cornerstone of our identity.


As an employer, we believe that sustainability means providing excellent working conditions and management practices. By implementing our values, we promote a corporate culture that takes into special consideration the commitment of our employees, their training and education. It places a particular emphasis on work satisfaction and safety.




Environment Matters

Environmental Matters at record

... is to implement projects that reduce its impact on the environment on an on-going basis. Especially in the areas of production, recycling and vehicle management, a process of permanent optimization is carried out.


At record, a  sustainable production facility is one of the highest priority. There are several reasons for this: firstly, agta record annually processes several tons of metal and other raw materials, all of which already require large amounts of energy to be produced. On the other hand, agta record takes responsibility for the quality of its products.

In production, an important advance in recent years has been introducing the "CutITFmart" cutting system. This allows for optimal resource utilization of aluminium profiles. It enables the company to reduce aluminium profile waste to only 10-15%.

A centrally controlled ERP system has also contributed to reducing the storage of materials, thus avoiding excess capacity.





record group Sustainability

... and has been part of a long tradition in many different ways. Long before the idea of sustainability had become the buzzword it is today, record was aiming at healthy growth in cooperation with its regional employees and partners, a policy different from cost optimization and profit maximization.

Two points here are particularly worth mentioning: first, our program for apprentices, which has been going strong for more than 40 years, has launched many hundreds of young people onto their professional careers. Secondly, it should be emphasized that the quality of our products is something that the company founder, H.H. Bunzl, recognized very early as being the cornerstone of long-term customer loyalty. Almost every year, we see employees who have spent virtually their entire working life with us start their well-earned retirement. For us, this is confirmation of the professional interaction between employer and employee at record being balanced and healthy. However, as much as we live the culture of a medium-sized family business on the one hand, so we are continuing to focus on the ever-changing challenges of doing business on a global scale on the other hand.

Sustainability means responsibility. For our employees, suppliers, service providers, and many other people, responsibility for the company, whose connection to us becomes evident only upon closer examination. Ultimately, however, these responsibilities are subordinate to the economic success of our company. And now it is time to take steps in new directions, some of which are surprisingly obvious, without changing our general strategic orientation. In this way, sustainability is not simply a strict program of recycling, garbage separation or energy conservation but has to mature into a business model that encompasses all these points.

Stefan Riva | Former Chief Executive Officer 



The agta record Group is one of the few groups that controls the entire value chain encompassing the design, production, marketing, installation and maintenance of a large range of automatic door systems.