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Social Responsabilitiy

As an internationally successful company, a balanced and harmonious relationship with our employees, partners, suppliers and public entities is a cornerstone of our identity.

  • Employees

As an employer, we believe that sustainability means providing excellent working conditions and management practices. By implementing our values, we promote a corporate culture that takes into special consideration the commitment of our employees, their training and education. It places a special emphasis on work satisfaction and safety.

The agta record group at its Fehraltorf headquarters in the Zurich Oberland employs approximately 250 staff in Switzerland. The working environment and benefits are well above the average of the industry. The Company is committed to its Fehraltorf location for Group-wide international services such as research and development, assembly of electronic parts and financial management.

  • Staff Management

Our staff management strategy looks to the long term with the intention to reconcile the goals of human resource management, the needs of employees and those of the business community. In addition to material and immaterial values, social skills are also emphasised.

  • Training and Education

The improvement of the qualification and the development of our employees’ skills are major goals, because highly qualified young professionals are key factors of the sustained, long-term success of the agta record Group.

Staff development at the agta record Group is needs-driven, with employees being promoted within the framework of their work programs.

"The trainees of today are the experts of tomorrow." This is the motto the agta record Group applies to the training of its apprentices, which has been going strong for over 40 years. Currently, 13 apprentices are being trained as professional business people, production mechanics and electronic specialists of the future.

  • Health Management, Workplace Safety and Fire Protection

For us, maintaining the health of our employees is important. We provide employees with a work environment that enhances their long-term health and performance. As part of our health management program, we have established a number of protective measures in workplace safety and fire security.

  • Customers

For the agta record Group, the customer is at the heart of all our activities. We anticipate and respond to the needs of our customers by providing innovative products and technologies of the best value and highest quality.

  • Social Responsibility

Our actions are intended to benefit the interests of all stakeholders. We take social responsibility seriously in order to make an important contribution to social stability.

  • Institutions

For a significant number of years, the agta record Group has been supporting a range of social institutions in the Zurich Oberland region, e.g. the Palme Foundation in Pfäffikon, where people with disabilities have been employed since 1963. The agta record Group is awarding assembly contracts to this institution amounting to several hundred thousand Swiss Francs per annum.

  • Suppliers

Despite the global orientation of the range of suppliers to ensure the long-term international competitiveness of the Company, the agta record Group is proud of the fact that it is sourcing from more than 100 companies in the region. Every year, orders for several million Swiss francs are awarded to local companies.

  • The Fehraltorf Municipality

In 1988, the former “AG für Türautomation” moved its headquarters to the municipality of Fehraltorf. All four Swiss legal entities of the agta record Group are based in Fehraltorf. As a group, they are one of the largest tax payers in the municipality.