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Environmental Matters

Part of the Group’s process of continuous improvement is to implement projects that reduce its impact on the environment on an on-going basis. Especially in the areas of production, recycling and vehicle management, a process of permanent optimization is carried out.

  • Production

At record, a profitable, sustainable production facility is of the highest priority. There are several reasons for this: firstly, agta record annually processes several tons of metal and other raw materials, all of which already require large amounts of energy to be produced. On the other hand, agta record takes responsibility for the quality of its products.

In production, an important advance in recent years has been the introduction of the "CutITFmart" cutting system. This allows for optimal resource utilization of aluminium profiles. This has enabled the Company to reduce aluminium profile waste to only 10-15%.

A centrally controlled ERP system has also contributed to reducing the storage of materials, thus avoiding excess capacity.

An important project launched in the last few years has been the replacement of 20-year-old door systems by more modern ones. In this way, agta record strives to ensure that only modern, resource-optimized, environmentally-friendly systems are in operation. Also, door system components are continuously developed to generate the highest possible efficiency and sustainability.

  • Recycling

Almost 100% of agta record products are recyclable. In choosing their recycling partners, agta record is keen to ensure that materials can be recycled. In Switzerland, agta record recycles around 140 tons of materials annually.

Most door systems consist mainly of components made of aluminium, glass, iron, plastic housings, electrical components (sensors, circuit boards, etc.), and electric motors. Aluminium, iron and other metals needed in the construction of door systems are melted down. Electrical components, plastics and rubber seals are made into pellets. Not only are such direct components recycled, but also indirect components such as packaging materials (cardboard, plastic, etc.). The filling inside incoming packaging is collected directly from agta record, and used to fill new packaging units. The filling is used to protect the components of door systems during transport.

Not only does agta record’s production facility operate sustainably through active recycling, but so does the administration department. All agta record employees working with IT use machines and components of the latest generation. The introduction of a standardized ERP system in 2009 enabled the Company to archive documents electronically. This has ensured that paper consumption has been reduced by more than 50% in the last two years. For environmental reasons, agta record uses only paper with FSC label.

  • Vehicle Management

Since the late 1990s, agta record has been using a fleet of vehicles maintained on sustainable lines. In Switzerland, the Company operates more than 100 vehicles that are driven about 2,000,000 kilometres annually. For this reason, it is important to minimize the environmental impact of the vehicles. All of them are equipped with the latest generation of engines, which are highly efficient. In order to protect the environment proactively, the vehicles are changed in regular intervals.

The environmental aspects play an important role in the consumption of resources of the vehicle fleet. In addition, employees working in the field are encouraged to drive ecologically and economically.

Not only does the quality of our vehicles play an important role in optimal resource utilization, but also vehicle coordination. In 2011, agta record developed its own software to enable technicians to select the best routes when planning the processing of orders.

In Fehraltorf 8 parking spaces are equipped with chargers for electrical cars and motorcycles.