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Case Studies – Zurich Airport (Switzerland)

Zurich Airport is Switzerland ‘s largest and most important international hub and is ranked 13th in Europe, with passenger volumes reaching 26 million per year. The renowned Skytrax scheme regularly ranks Zurich among the best 10 airports in the world. The family of airport businesses contains approximately 270 companies and employs more than 25,000 people.

Zurich Airport is located close to our Fehraltorf headquarters. But this is irrelevant to its operator, who puts far greater emphasis on the long life, exceptional reliability and, most important, high safety level of our products. A perfect example is the installation of several one-way security access systems of the record FlipFlow type. Our extended model, the TWIN, shows the traveller the right way to go, and reliably and effectively prevents uncontrolled return to the restricted area.


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