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Chairman's message

agta record underwent a fascinating development since being founded by Helmut Heinz Bunzl in 1953 in Switzerland. Today, agta record employs over 2,500 people around the world and ranks among the top companies in the global market for automatic doors. agta record is one of the very few groups that control the entire value chain encompassing the design, production, marketing, installation and maintenance of a large range of automatic door systems. 

Our strategy centers on a technologically leading, high-quality product which is the basis for our excellence in service and maintenance. As a result, we will continue to grow this business at rates consistently higher than the market. Based on our extremely strong position in Europe we are developing fast in North America and in emerging markets such as China. We are working hard at intensifying the execution of this strategy. 

Finally, we put a lot of emphasis on our reputation. We wish to be considered a serious and fair company, not only by our shareholders, but also by our stakeholders. Fair to its employees, its suppliers, its customers and to the companies we acquire. We strongly believe that a successful business is always based on harmonious human relationships.

Yours sincerely,

Hubert Jouffroy – Chairman of the Board