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Our Vision 2020

Consolidation within the industry is progressing


Our core business is automatic doors with sensors for pedestrian use, and the associated service and maintenance business. The currently very fragmented global market with multiple vendors will consolidate in the coming years.

We want to emerge as a world leader in this consolidation process.

In addition we are active in the area of high speed doors, sectional doors, roller shutters and the modernisation and maintenance of elevators. Most of these segments are highly synergetic to our core business.



We focus on attractive target groups and meet their requirements and needs with above-average results.

We satisfy our customers at all times by supplying first-class products and services.


Products and Services

Our core business should provide our customers with a full range of record products as well as selectively added products from strategic partners.

We develop product platforms that allow us to provide competitive solutions for a wide variety of geographic markets using various applications.

Our products should have a degree of innovation and quality that is well above customers’ expectations and makes record the benchmark in the industry.

Through the development of suitable products, we aim to increase our service and maintenance business significantly.


Employees / Management

We develop and encourage our employees through mutually agreed strategic objectives, tasks and projects, through a consistent and transparent information policy and through developing and promoting the highest levels of competence and professionalism in delivering our services

We consider the selection and development of upper and senior management crucial for the development of our company. We expect from them high competence, excellent leadership skills and the ability to achieve the agreed results.



We are aiming to achieve sales growth well above current market rates. We plan to expand our market share through a balance of internal and external growth.


  • Internal
    • Systematic expansion of the service and maintenance business
    • Expansion of the services business to include complementary or third party products (e.g. high-speed doors, lifts, etc.)
    • Excellent network of distribution companies that deal with projects for clients competently and efficiently
    • Introduction of high speed doors and roller shutters in markets where we have a high market share in the core business


  • External
    • Acquisition of system integrators (sales / service) in the field of automatic pedestrian doors
    • Acquisitions of product houses (manufacturer) in the field of automatic pedestrian doors


Optimising value

As a proportion of total turnover we want direct business (i.e. sales, installation and service through record’s own subsidiaries to continue to expand. Especially in North America, we want to be represented in selected regions through our own sales companies.

In order to provide our global customers with competitive products, we globalised our procurement and production processes. record products are made in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.



We want to standardize both business models and processes, and introduce uniform global IT systems and tools where it makes economically sense. This will help us achieve substantial increases in efficiency. Operating units will be in an even better position to meet our customers’ needs.



For us, sustainability does not simply mean a programme of strict recycling, waste separation and energy saving, but refers to a business model that will mature to include all these processes.

Within a process of continuous improvement, projects are being implemented which feature a reduced impact on the environment. This approach is defined in the environmental policy of record Switzerland.


Stefan Riva | Chief Executive Officer